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Creating Space & YO! Project

Youth development through education and outdoor adventure

find us on facebook under yo & creating space

or independence drop in & diner

Team Independence - Due to our extensive new programs, projects and initiatives and given that we are a wholly voluntary Organisation we have now handed over the management of this facility to Jim & Jump Lanes, team who continue to develop and provide services for young people in the Derry-Londonderry area. We remain however EXTREMELY proud of this unique facility which we developed with the help, advice and support of our young people and all the work and support they gave to it. Please read below to see why!

Some "old familiar faces" and some new but all still volunteers - continuing the best traditions of Creating Space and the YO! Project at Independence! The Independence Drop In & Diner was established, not just to provide a dedicated shared space for young people and social enterprise initiative, but to deliver a "hands on" training and work placement opportunity: enabling young people primarily in the 16- 25 age range to gain the skills and experience which ,could enhance their future employment opportunities. Below you can meet some of the young people availed of this unique facility.


The main stay of all our development projects and always "hands on" Though after all those years of climbing mountains, canoeing down rivers, rafting and flying down zip lines etc etc ... he has met his nemesis in the Independence cash register!

Big B

After suffering his "mid life crisis" (Yo! camp initiatives take no responsibility for this!) Brian is currently undertaking his Level 3 Diploma in Catering and is now on placement as our Short Order Chef at Independence ... and what a chef. Try out his special carmelised onion recipe or BB's -Triple C Mega Burgers!


A stalwart of the YO! Project and a young lady who has participated in many of our youth initiatives through the years. Megan is intending to attend Cardiff University to study Business and Events Management in September: and is taking this volunteer placement opportunity to gain a practical insight and "hands on" experience, through both the YO! Project and at Independence, which will not only enhance her chances of P/T employment at Uni, but also be relevant to her particular degree. UPDATE .... Megan is now currently about to finish her first year at Cardiff University where she is studying Business & Events Management and has indeed found P/T work in the hospitality industry!


Another familiar face from YO! Dylan only started volunteering with our Organization during the last 12 month period: yet has quickly become a core and valued part of the Creating Space team! Dylan is currently undertaking his AS Levels and hopes to attend John Moore's, Liverpool to study Business Management in the future. Dylan hopes his placement at Independence will introduce him to the many facets involved in small business management (from the ground up), in addition to enhancing his opportunities of securing P/T employment during his studies. UPDATE ..... Dylan successfully achieved his AS levels and is currently taking his A.Levels and has an offer from John Moore's University, Liverpool in place. Dylan continues to volunteer with us and has undertaken numerous training and development initiatives with us over the last 12 months which he says were "brilliant for his Personal Statement and Uni application!"

Nicole & Kenan

Two new members of the Creating Space "gang". Nicole & Kenan have undertaken numerous youth programs & projects Creating Space & the YO! Project have been involved in delivering over the last few years: and are now moving forward into the adult world. They are an excellent "team" at Independence and have taken the opportunity to use our volunteer placement program to gain skills, training and experience in a "real working environment and complete their 200 hr Millennium Volunteer Award". They both are also two multi-talented young people who, in our opinion, could give any of the contestants on X Factor or The Voice a real "run for their money"!!! UPDATE ... Nicole is now studying Hair and Beauty at NWRC and has completed her 200 hr MVA, OCN Youth Leadership and Bronze Medallion Life Saving Award over the last 12 months. ..Kenan is now undertaking a Diploma in Children;s Play Work at NWRC and remains a key volunteer with the team. He has successfully achieved his 200 MVA Award, Fire Safety Certificate, Child Protection Certificate & OCN Youth Leadership qualification in the last 12 months.


Another new addition to the "working team" at Creating Space: and a young man who can turn his hand to anything and who is not afraid of hard work! Conor is intending to study Tourism & Leisure at NW Regional College in September, but meantime we are definatley glad to have him. Conor hopes to use his volunteer placement to enhance his skills and opportunities for employment whilst he continues with his studies. UPDATE ... Conor is now studying Tourism & Leisure at NWRC and has successfully achieved his 200 hr MVA, OCN Youth Leadership and Bronze Medallion Life Saving Award over the last 12 months,


Another "new recruit" and multi-talented young man! Shaun is hoping to study catering at NW Regional College in September, and after witnessing some of the food he can produce, we have a great future chef in the making! Shaun is hoping his volunteer placement will give him the opportunity to enhance his skills and gain a holistic insight into the many catering based environments he could find future employment within.UPDATE .... Shaun is now studying Catering at NWRC and has also successfully achieved his 200 hr MVA, OCN Youth Leadership and Bronze Medallion Life Saving Award over the last 12 months,

Erin & Terri

These two young ladies have participated in numerous projects and programs we have been involved in delivering over the last 5 years, and we have had the pleasure in witnessing them grow and move forward toward their future goals! Both are currently undertaking their A'Levels and have recently achieved their 200 hour Millennium Volunteer Award through the YO! Project and Level 2 Food Safety in partnership with the Breakout Project. Erin & Terri intend to utilise their volunteer placement at Independence to gain practical based qualifications and training. UPDATE .... Erin is now at University in Leeds studying Applied Mathematics whist Terri is at uni in Belfast studying Law. Both have secured P/T employment in the Catering/Hospitality industry.