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Creating Space & YO! Project

Youth development through education and outdoor adventure

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Projects and Programs

We have developed and delivered a wide range of Projects and Programs to suit a variety of interests and abilities. These are just a few, which provide "snapshots" of what we do.

Please check out our Photo Gallery to see more!


Undertaken at Ottersport Adventure Centre, this was a great opportunity for young people to try out a new and confidence building activity.


"No frills and no fones" adventure camps. This camp took place on the wilds of Rathlin Island and included an activity program of hillwalking, fishing, story telling workshops, treasure hunt, night line and "bush tucker" trials.

Apprentice Boys of Derry

Part of our Interactive Learning and Culture and Identity workshops these visits not only provide young people with an opportunity to challenge perception or prejudices, but to learn more of the history of the City in which they live and how it was in fact young people who were to the fore in its place in history.


A group of younger children from the Clooney and Bonds Street areas enjoying an outdoor archery activity.

On the Beach

Cricket, Volleyball, sand Castle Competitions or just "messing around", a trip to the beach with a BBQ is one of the activities our young volunteers love to plan and organise.

Bush Craft & Survival Skills

Young people from the Tullyally and Drumahoe areas of the City experiencing a night "in the wild",

Bike Safety

One of our many Bike Safety "pop up pits",supported through Sustrans, being delivered for young people in the Currynierin and Ardmore areas of the City.


A group of young people from Enagh Youth Forum take to the waves at Portrush.


Part of our POLITICS, PACT and Culture & Identity initiatives these young people are learning the historical and political associations behind these local murals, from the artist's themselves.

Boot Camp

One of our young volunteers putting the "little ones" through their paces.


Young people Ballymagroarty and Hazelbank areas of the City about to undertake a Bouldering activity around the North West Coast.


Challenge and Competition are always to the fore with the young people on a visit to to the Brunswick Superbowl facility!

Cafe Culture Round Table Event

One of the many events we deliver wherein young people get the opportunity to learn, communicate and interact with statutory agencies and decision making bodies. Here the young people are discussing issues around quad/motor bikes, bonfires and tagging.


These young girls from Claudy, Craigbane and Park seem to be enjoying the sunshine at this camp as part of our Doin Gud in the Hood project. Yet within a few hours the weather literally "threw everything at them". Torrential rain, thunder and lightening - but they stayed the course and were a pleasure to work with.


Our young coaches teaching a group of young people basic "open boat" skills, as part of their Paddle Sport Course.


Sourced by one of our young peer leaders and recently added to our team building activity program, these giant catapults have proven to be a huge "hit" with young people of all ages. Our Youth Advisory Team are continually "developing" new ways in which they can be used.


This PSNI initiative is aimed at giving young people an "insight" into the many facets of policing and how this can either positively or negatively impact on their lives through the "choices" they make. An extremely effective interactive learning experience delivered as part of out PACT and Youth Justice Initiatives.


Youth groups undertaking a citizenship workshop as part of our Youth Engagement Program delivered on behalf of the Waterside Area Partnership


The Community Learning and Social Skills course is an exceedingly effective medium for introducing young people into the subject of Citizenship. It promotes active learning, individual and collective responsibility and personal development.

Clay Pigeon Shooting

Exceedingly popular with our older youth and young adults.

Cliff Jumping

Three different levels of difficulty and not for the faint of heart , but still a great favourite with our young instructors and the young people.

Communication Skills

Young people undertaking an exercise in Newbuildings, on how to effectively communicate with each other to enable them to achieve a joint ojective.


This time "On a Budget!. What could you cook with just £2 between 2 people? These young people are learning that even with the limited budget they may have as they "move out on their own" they can still cook a quick (and healthy) meal.

Councillor's Workshop

Just one of the many groups of young people who have taken part in our facilitated Q&A and Round Table sessions with elected representatives on Derry City Council.

Creating Space

Some of our young volunteers enjoying some well deserved "down time" during the development of their dedicated drop in & diner facility.

Creative Craft Workshops

Young people from Currynierin "sporting" their tie dye t.shirt creations.

Crumlin Road Gaol

Interactive Tours and Living History: this initiative forms part of our PACT, Prison to Peace and Prison Me? No Way programs


One of our many visit to the Culturlann Uí Chanáin Centre to enable young people to explore the history of Irish language, music and traditions. Part of our Culture and Identity and "Us & Them" initiatives.

Level 1 Cycle Safety

Our young instructors working with children from the Tullyally and Drumahoe areas to ensure safe cycling.

Cycle Safety Level 1 & 2

Young people from the Lettershandoney area and surrounding district undertake their level 2 Cycle Safety Training with two of our qualified volunteers.


Young people learning digital imaging and sound skills through the Wheelworks Project


Not just learning how it works but applying it in practice. We feel all young people should be able to "have a choice and have a voice" Whether this is in terms of the development and delivery of their own projects and programs, or being enabled to "feed into" wider youth strategies and priorities; they provide the "key" to getting it right.

Drugs & Alcohol Awareness

One of our qualified Volunteer Trainers delivering a Drugs & alcohol awareness event to young people from Caw, Currynierin, Claudy, Eglinton and Lettershandoney.

Donegal Airsoft

One of the popular external activity providers we include within many of our programs and projects. Airsoft, Archery and Golf means there is always something to suit everyone.


A firm favourite and included as an external activity option within many of our projects and programs.

Environmental Clean Ups

A group of our young volunteers from across the Waterside undertaking the "clean up" of a local beauty spot on the outskirts of the City.


Young People, Old Style! The thrill of the double decker bus never fades.

Level 2 Food Safety

Young people from the Caw, Drumahoe, Eglinton, Kilfennan and Newbuildings areas undertaking Level 2 Food Safety training as part of our Practical Skills for Employment Program.


A necessity of any program or project and one, which our Youth Advisory Team, Young Leaders & Volunteers and the young people themselves make sure we never leave out! Here a group of young people are enjoying just one such event at Halloween.


Mark Conway facilitating one of our many GAA Youth Education Workshops.


Team building and Challenge "on the links"


Young people from the Fountain area of the City enthusiastically participating in this activity for the first time, as part of their annual Ulster Scots Summer Scheme,


A fantastic way to burn off all the excess energy that young people have, and to afford them the opportunity to adopt a healthier lifestyle ... or just go outside!


Some of our young volunteers assisting in this horse riding activity at Crindle Stables.

How Government Works

A core part of our Youth Empowerment Program and specifically designed to address the disinterest and disengagement young people promote and display in terms of politics and the political process.

I'm A Teenager Get Me Outta Here!

One of the young people undertaking a "bush tucker" trial at our jungle camp.


A group of young people experience an interactive learning session on the American Civil War, held at the Ulster American Folk Park


Linking in with a Ladies group from Co. Tyrone; to undertake interactive learning and creative crafts in relation to the Native American Culture Exhibition on loan from the British Museum to the Ulster American Folk Park Education Centre at Omagh.


Our young coaches preparing a group of young Lithuanian exchange students for a kayaking adventure.


A group of young Croatians and Romanians learning to build an improvised raft. A great deal was definitely "lost in translation" but we all got there in the end"


Another fantastic external activity and definitely one which out votes Paintball with the girls! The young people here were part of our cross border Youth Employment & Empowerment Program through supported through Consensus.


Another fantastic external activity and definitely one which out votes Paintball with the girls! The young people here were part of our cross border Youth Employment & Empowerment Program through supported through Consensus.

Laws and Legislation

Members of our Youth Advisory Panel not only gaining an insight as to what laws and legislation they "have to abide by" and which, is particularly relevant to young people: but also discussing if they agree with it, if not, why not? What they would change, and how. And the possible impact of the changes they would make.

Level 1 Kayak Instructor Course

Undertaken in partnership with Inish Adventure and Consensus, this seen 12 young people receive their certification from the Mayor of Donegal


Young people heading off to live, learn and respect the natural environment..


Young people from across the City undertaking one of the many Bronze Medallion and Silver Star Lifesaving Award Courses we have delivered.

Low Ropes & Assault Course

A challenging activity for these young people from the Caw/Nelson Drive area, delivered as part of a residential event.


One of our young volunteers promoting the work we do on local radio.

Millennium Volunteer Program

A core element of our Youth Empowerment objectives and hugely successful. These young people are one of the many groups to successfully achieve their 200 hour award.


Two of our volunteers delivering the stunt bicycle activity course at a local community festival and fun day.

Multi Games

Our young volunteers delivering fun filled activities to their younger peers as part of their local community summer scheme

Multi Sports

Young people from the Irish Street and Lisnagelvin areas enjoying a "sports day" as part of their annual Ulster Scots Summer Scheme, ably delivered by our young (and not so young) volunteers.


An alternative for those not so fond of Outdoor Adventure - DJ Skills, Digital Mix and Podcasts, (sometimes a bit of a mystery to our older volunteers) but extremely popular with the young people


A group of young people meeting with one of their local MLA's and member of the Children & Young People's Committee at Stormont; to present issues relating to EMA, lack of employment opportunities and youth services and provision in the City


We have delivered numerous options of this very popular activity for groups across the City and beyond. Here young people from the Rosemount area proove more than up for the Challenge.


Groups from the Strathfoyle, Maydown and Ardmore areas learning to navigate without GPS!


Always in the young peoples Top Ten list for external activities and we fully agree!

Peace Walls

Just one of the many groups of young people who have undertaken educational tours of the Peace Walls in the Greater Belfast area as part of our PACT, Political Engagement and Youth Justice initiatives.

Peer Leadership Program

We believe "doing" is often the best way of learning. These young peer leaders are holding one of many planning meetings to organize a residential and activity event for 23 of their younger peers. They did fantastic .... and returned home exhausted!

Personal Safety Workshop

Young people undertaking an Alcohol and Firework Safety Workshop, which we deliver annually in the lead up to the Halloween period and associated festivities in the City. This initiative is delivered in partnership with the Neighbourhood Policing Teams and Community Safety Wardens.

Pier Jumping

Some of the young people from Strathfoyle "taking the plunge"!

Political Tours

A representative from Coiste facilitating one of the many historical and political tours along the Falls road in Belfast, which we deliver as part of of our PACT and Youth into Politics programs.

Prejudice Face On

Delivered in partnership with Derry City Council, it has been a privilege for us to work with various schools across the City to deliver this initiative. Here the young people of St. Peter's Secondary School prepare for the programs Showcasing Event.


We always try to recognise, and indeed to get others to recognise young peoples achievements. This is one many such presentation and celebration events; wherein nearly 40 young people received accredited employment based awards through the PSCP sponsored Transformers Project

Prison Me? No Way!

A specific intervention delivered through our Youth Justice program and partners. Usually combined with follow up visit to Magilligan Prison/Hydebank Young Offenders Centre.

Prison to Peace

Two of the key facilitators of the Prison to Peace Project undertaking a Q&A session with young people from Caw, Currynierin and Lettershandoney.


This time the visit was to HMP Magilligan which, in conjunction with Hydebank Young Offenders Centre, we utilise as a deterrent measure within our Prison Me? No Way! and Youth Justice Initives.


Some of our young peer leaders learning a problem solving activity which they can then deliver to others.


Our most requested and most popular external activity! What more can we say.


One of our most popular team building outdoor adventure activities. These young people from Claudy and Craigbane worked really well together to build, launch and steer their rafts and "capture the flag", then they got shipwrecked!

Residential Planning Workshop

Some of the young people undertaking their OCN Level Youth Leadership course, planning for their practical delivery module at the WELB Centre in Omagh.

Room To Race

Utilised as part of our Youth Intervention Program and satisfying that need for speed through a safe medium.


A group of young people taking part in a "face off" scenario as part of our "How Not to Communicate" Workshop.


Sourced and delivered due to numerous requests from young people this external activity proved a fantastic success! The young people not only had a great time but gained new skills and some even ate their catch!

School's Program

Young people from Lisneal College undertaking Certified Fire Safety Training as part of our Practical Skills for Employment Program.

See How YOU Like It!

Two of the young people who experienced what it could be like to be "on the other side" as part of our Community Safety and Youth Justice Initiatives.

Soccer Camp

Sponsored through Derry City Council, our trained coaches take their skills out into the local community.

Soccer Skills

Five of our volunteers are qualified Level 1 Soccer Coaches; they now "pass on" these these skills to young people in the community through the Grass Roots Soccer Program.


Participants on our cross border Youth Employment & Empowerment Program, enjoying a bit of "down time" and good food after successfully completing the project.

Sports Leader Program

Young people from all across the Derry-Londonderry area undertaking training at Gartan activity Centre. This initiative was sponsored through the Donegal Sports Partnership.


Over 100 young American exchange students undertaking team building activities at Magee University Campus.

Talent Night

A 50'S & 60's themed Talent Night and Grease themed Formal organised by young people at our Drop In & Diner facility.


Community Relations through popular Drama with this group of young people experiencing "Give My Head Peace " live.

Todd's Leap Activity Centre

A great variety of activities on offer to suit all "tastes" and abilities. Always to the top when young people are choosing their activity option


In the woods and after Midnight - an integral part of our Youth Diversionary Programs.


These young people are negotiating rope bridges, zip lines, giants spiders webs and much much more up to 70 ft high among the tree tops at The Jungle NI.

Ulster Bands Forum

Quincey Dougan demonstrating his "fluting skills" to young people during one of our interactive workshops on the"History and Traditions of Protestant Marching Bands"


Young people from the Caw and Nelson Drive areas undertaking an interactive workshop on Ulster Scots history, language, music and weaponry.


An introductory course in Community Relations aimed to afford young people of diverse religious/political backgrounds the opportunity learn with and "about" each other: and thereby break down barriers and build better opportunities for collective working

Ulster Scots Summer Scheme

Our Volunteers and young Peer Leaders delivering our popular Highland Games activities to young people in the Caw and Nelson Drive area.

Ulster Scots Summer Scheme

Our volunteers preparing to delivery a range of activities to a large group of young people in the Newbuildings area.


Delivered with our partners at Inish Adventure: this activity was sourced at the request of our Youth Advisory Team and has added an element of "high octane adventure" to our recent Youth Intervention Projects.

World Police and Fire Games

Wherever an unique opportunity or event presents itself, we always endeavour to provide young people with the means and opportunity to be part of it.

Youth Advisory Panels

Some members of one of our Youth Advisory teams meeting to discuss programs and proposals for forthcoming Summer Intervention Programs.

Youth Committee Training

Young members of our Youth Advisory Team presenting and putting their ideas to a "vote" with young people from Ardmore, Caw, Currynierin, Lettershandoney and Reach Across.

Youth Court

Young people "of the jury" about to pass their verdict and "sentence" after been given a real (though anonymous) case history scenario involving a young offender. Which of their peers, representing the prosecution or the defense has done the best job and who will they elect as the judge?