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Creating Space & YO! Project

Youth development through education and outdoor adventure

find us on facebook under yo & creating space

or independence drop in & diner


We carry a wide range of options on our menus to suit a variety of tastes and at fantastic prices!. Our most popular menu options are shown below. Please click on the Menu link to see our full range of products: or "drop in" to find special promotions and custom options. We take the "pics as we make" so what you see is what you get! Mostly from the creative minds and imagination of our young volunteers (aka market research team) .... well "you have to try them before you ask others to buy them" so they tell us! Check out some of the products available from our menu shown below ... 


or Big B's Triple C! ... 3 x 4 oz chargrilled burgers, triple flipped, with triple cheese served on a toasted bun with crispy lettuce, tomato and sauce of your choice and topped with 3 french fried onion rings. Eat it or climb it -.but you can't fail to enjoy it

The Chocolate Super Shake

Chocolate Cookie Milkshake Syrup, Extra Scoop of Chocolate Ice Cream, Topped with Whipped Cream and finished with Maltesers, Chocolate Curls & a Chocolate Cigarello. ALSO AVAILABLE IN STRAWBERRY & BANANA OPTIONS!

Traditional Strawberry Sundae

Strawberry Coulis, Fresh Strawberries, Strawberry Jello, Strawberry and Vanilla Ice Cream: topped with Whipped Cream, Belgian Strawberry Chocolate Curls, Strawberry Syrup ,a Strawberry Chocolate Cigarello and Strawberry Bon Bon

Cotton Candy Frappe

A delight from our own "in house" market research team (as they like to call themselves). Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, combined with ice cold milk blended together with our special cotton candy syrup and crushed ice. All topped of with whipped cream and strawberry chocolate curls.

Gold Rush Nuggets

Succulent 100% chicken breast pieces in a light crisp golden batter: served with your choice of Smokey BBBQ, Curry, Sweet Chilli or Mayo dip.

The Bubble Gum Yum

One of our Modern Sundaes .. Bubblegum and Vanilla Ice Cream on a “sea” of Bubblegum Jello, Topped off with “Squirty Cream”, Bubblegum Millions, Mini Marshmallows, Bubblegum Sauce and Pink Chocolate Cigarello!

The Shamrock Shake

Another recipe from our "tester team". The Shamrock Shake was intended as a limited edition only, but has now been added to our main menu by popular demand! Vanilla Ice Cream, Ice Cold Milk mixed and frothed with our special spearmint syrup - topped with whipped cream and sprinkled with popping candy!

The Kickn' Chicken Burger

New Addition! A hot and spicy chicken breast fillet served in a sweet toasted bun. - "cooled down" with crisp lettuce, fresh tomato and the sauce of your choice,

Easter Sundae

Our limited edition ice cream sundae specially formulated by the "taste team" for the holiday period! Scoops Vanilla & Chocolate Ice Cream surrounded by chocolate sauce topped with whipped cream, a jelly "egg yolk", white and milk chocolate curls and a Cadbury's mini cream egg ... with an added surprise in the bottom of every glass!

Hot Fudge Sundae

Vanilla Ice Cream, Chunky Fudge Pieces, surrounded in Hot Fudge Sauce and topped off with Whipped Cream, Carmel Sauce, Mini Marshmallows, Fudge and a Rolled Wafer!

INSIDE OUT! Cheeseburger

2x 4ozs patties (yes that’s a whole ½ lb!) of fresh ground beef sandwiched together with a filling of melted cheese, - slow cooked - and served on a sweet toasted bun with lettuce, tomato, caramelised onion and sauce of your choice!

Strawberry Whip

A new take on the traditional Strawberry Sundae - A Giant Strawberry Whip wrapped around Strawberry Jello and Strawberry and Vanilla Ice Cream: Topped with “Squirty Cream”, Strawberry Sauce, Strawberry Millions and a Strawberry Chocolate Cigarello!

"A Coke and A Smile!"

"The real thing" for those who prefer it in the traditional glass bottles! Also the preferred option at Independence, where we are endeavouring to reduce waste products and recycle wherever possible! In addition over 12 alternative soft drink options are available at our "in house" Soda Fountain

The Candy Corner

Mix n Match the fillings and topping for all your Shakes, Sundaes and Sodas at our Candy Corner.