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Creating Space & YO! Project

Youth development through education and outdoor adventure

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Partners and Providers

A great deal of the work we do is often delivered on a partnership basis. This not only affords us more opportunities to develop and deliver a more widespread and inclusive program and project complement; but also affords all our service users the opportunity to profit from the skills, knowledge and support of professional and specialized coaches, tutors and instructors.

Although we operate wholly as a Voluntary Service Organization; we are fortunate to have a team of extremely experienced personnel whom have successfully secured financial support, from a variety of agencies on our behalf , to enable the delivery of specialized initiatives to meet expressed need.

We also have an extremely successful community and youth based partnership delivery service: inclusive of development of youth projects and programs to meet the clients needs; accessing financial support to enable implementation; provision of administration support; organisation of all associated transport, venue, tutors, coaches and instructors; facilitation of workshops, focus groups and presentation events; delivery of outdoor activities; volunteering opportunities and mentoring; surveys, reports and evaluations. 

Below are just a FEW of the partners and providers we have had the assistance, support and pleasure of working with over the last five year period. 


A well-known and long established wholly youth led Organization in the Derry -Londonderry area, and one which we have been extremely fortunate to have gained support and learning from in developing the ethos and objectives of our Organizations structure and service delivery. Reach Across is one of our main delivery partners and service users; enabling delivery of our NOCN CLASS, Community Relations, Youth Leadership and iour NEW NOCN Exploring Outdoor Pursuits Accredited Training Courses; through operating as our NOCN Approval Centre. They are also our main client in relation to service delivery, at a local level, for International Youth Exchange Programs.

North West Volunteer Centre

NWVC is an essential and core delivery partner for the the central administration and accreditation of our Millennium Volunteer Youth Awards, Child Protection/Keeping Safe Training and Access NI verification. We have also been extremely fortunate to have secured financial provision through their Small Grants Program to assist with Volunteer Training, Equipment and for the delivery of Summer Scheme Programs.

Caw Nelson Drive Action Group

One of our key community partners for the development and delivery of services for young people/ young adults with the inner urban Derry-Londonderry area. We have worked continuously with the Caw Nelson Drive Action Group over the last 5 year period on Youth Intervention, Youth Diversionary and Youth Development Projects , Summer Schemes, Festivals and Community Safety Initiatives. Whist serving the needs of the whole community CNAG has no dedicated Youth Staff or youth service provision - leading to what has now become a successful and professional partnership approach ,with our Organization, to ensure they meet the needs, develop the capacity and secure the inclusion of youth/young adults with the Caw/Nelson Drive and surrounding areas. Caw Nelson Drive Action Group has also been main "driver" behind the development of our new School's Initiative with Lisneal College.

Lettershandoney & District Development Group.

As with Caw Nelson Drive Action Group our association in terms of youth service support and provision has been ongoing in the Lettershandoney and District area over the last 5 year period: albeit within a rural location and divergent single identity community ethos. Whilst L&DDG have been fortunate to have secured dedicated Youth Support Services in the last 18 month period; the previous success of the established partnership delivery model ,was such, that our Organization continues to develop, deliver and provide outdoor activities, training and education initiatives, facilitation, peer leadership, volunteer placement opportunities and volunteer mentoring in collaboration with the dedicated Youth Support Workers within the L&DDG area.

Currynierin Community Centre

Our staff and volunteers are highly experienced in working with young people and delivering interventions within and across designated Interface areas. We have worked in partnership with core staff in the Currynierin area to deliver Summer Scheme initiatives and Youth Intervention/Diversionary activities for older youth/young adults over a four year period. Additional developmental and capacity building programs which we have also delivered for young adults within the Currynierin area have proven to be a great success and are inclusive of: Millennium Volunteer , Bronze Medallion & Silver Star Life Saving Awards; OCN Youth Leadership Certificate; and Practical Skills for Employment Program.

Ballymagroarty and Hazelbank Community Partnership

One of our key youth & community partners based within the West Bank area of Derry-Londonderry. We have worked closely with the Youth Teams in the BHCP area delivering Outdoor Pursuits & Adventure as part of their Youth Engagement & Development Projects for nearly 4 years. In addition we have delivered combined Culture & Identity Workshops and also service provision for the annual Summer Schemes and Community Festivals for younger children and families in the Ballymagroarty and Hazelbank areas. Most recently, and a diversification from our usual youth centered client base, BHCP secured our services for delivery of a Men's Health Program whilst their Ladies Group joined us for an Outdoor Adventure session.

Enagh Youth Forum

Another key youth centred and youth led community based Organisation in the Derry-Londonderry area. and one with whom we have sucessfully worked in partnership with and delivered services for in regard to: Youth Engagement, Community Safety and Diversionary Activities in our specialized field of Outdoor Adventure.

Waterside Area Partnership

Waterside Area Partnership is a network organisation based within the Waterside area of Derry-Londonderry which assists and secures funding and support to enable program delivery to those of all traditions, culture, and community backgrounds across the wider Waterside area and which has a strong cross community ethos and focus. Our partnership with WAP has been ongoing throughout the last 5 year period; and has been centred on the development and delivery of educational, community relations and capacity building programs through their Youth Engagement Initiatives. This partnership has further developed over the last 2 year period to also include service provision through Outdoor Pursuits Competitions and Challenge Events.for their hugely successful Waterside Links Festivals

Scouting Ireland

Over the past 3 year period we have had the pleasure to deliver skills development and outdoor adventure activities for Scouting Ireland on both a local and regional basis. This has included activity packages as part of their annual County Jamborees, Competition and Challenge Events and Team Building workshops.

Clooney Estate Residents Association

We have been working in partnership to deliver youth outreach services in partnership with the Youth Officers in the Clooney area over the last 3 year period. This has included Outdoor Adventure and Pursuits activities for young people through their Summer Schemes and Youth Intervention Programs; and most recently through the delivery of our own Transformers Community Safety and Practical Skills for Employment Initiative.

Cathedral Youth Club

We have a long and ongoing working partnership, and history of extremely successful service delivery with this long established youth centered organisation. This is inclusive of the delivery of Outdoor Adventure/ Pursuits activities though CYC's annual Summer Schemes, Festivals and Youth Diversionary Initiatives and also our extended "Doin Gud in the Hood" youth development & empowerment project.

Irish Street Youth & Community Association

A long "association" with this Association has provided us with the opportunities to develop a strong working partnership and to deliver on the recent Transformers and Practical Skills to Employment for young adults within the Irish Street area. In addition to this we have provided Summer Scheme and Youth Diversionary activities through our complement of Outdoor Adventure/ Outdoor Pursuits Activities.

Newbuildings Youth & Community Association

A long established community youth based provider within the Derry-Londonderry area with a strong sporting focus: and with whom we have provided skills training and development in the field of Outdoor Pursuits and Adventure for children & young people.

Rosemount Resource Centre

A strong youth advocacy based Organization with which we have developed a successful working partnership during the last 5 years and which, was one of the six combined target delivery areas for our Doin Gud in the Hood Youth Development & Empowerment Project across Derry-Londonderry.

Kilfennan Youth fellowship

A new working partnership has been developed with this Organization during the last 12 months. This seen young people availing of First Aid and Fire Safety at Work, Level 2 Food Safety, and Child Protection Training through our Transformers Practical Skills for Employment Program.

Cornerstone City Church

Our first international client user group, with over 100 young people from the USA availing of our Team Building activities.

Lisneal College

One of the main Colleges in the inner urban Waterside area of Derry-Londonderry; and one with which we have developed a strong partnership base involving both pupils and staff. Our popular Cook IT initiatives and Prejudice Face On Program have been delivered at Lisneal, and most recently our Practical Skills for Employment Program. It is intended that pupils at the College will be an integral part of our NEW Youth Voices Capacity Building & Empowerment Program for 2015-16.

St. Patrick's & St. Brigid's College, Claudy

One of the main rural based Colleges in the Derry-Londonderry area and one through which, we have developed a working partnership approach for social education initiatives over the last 3 year period. Work with students has included a Cafe Culture Community Relations Event, the Choices Program and Millennium Volunteer Awards Initiative. It is hoped this work will be developed through the NEW Youth Voices Capacity Building & Empowerment Program for 2015-16 being delivered in "parallel" for the students at Claudy as with Lisneal.

Drumahoe Primary school

A new client and working partnership for 2014-15, and one which has seen our Coaches and Instructors deliver a program of education and skills development in the field of Outdoor Pursuits for young students in the Kadet Klub, supported through the Extended School's Program.

Limavady Community Development Initiative

Another key partner and enabler for the advancement of our Young Volunteer Development Program. Financial provision through their small support grants program facilitated 16 young people to undertake accredited training opportunities in the fields of retail and catering, with associated placement and practical skills development at our Independence Drop In & Diner Centre.


A cross border partner through the DISC Youth Employment & Training Program; enabling the delivery of our Young Leaders Skills Development Project. This Project focused upon accredited training, mentoring and practical delivery initiatives for young people seeking potential employment in the field of Outdoor Pursuits, Sport and/or Children and Young People's a local, regional and cross border level

The Honourable the Irish Society

The support of the Society was a key "driver" in the development of our Outdoor Pursuits and Adventure provision at it very early stages; assisting our purchase of essential safety and personal protective equipment for our water based activities.

Policing & Community Safety Partnership

One of our key partners and providers throughout the last three year period in terms of Youth Intervention, Youth Diversion, Youth Development and Community Safety Initiatives. Successful application through the PCSP has enabled us to delivery numerous capacity building programs and outdoor activities across 10+ diverse community safety "hotspots" in the Waterside & Rural areas of Derry-Londonderry. These initiatives targetied the specific inclusion and participation of young people/ young adults involved in ASB or low level crime, or those most in need. These programs and projects have also proven to be a successful catalyst for developing additional partnership work and service provision with the areas and statutory organisations engaged through the PCSP initiatives.

Awards for All

The sponsor of our very successful "Doin Gud in the Hood" Project. This initiative involved a "layered" partnership approach, focusing on the engagement and empowerment of young adults through training, volunteering and Outdoor Pursuits activities across 6 diverse communities in the Waterside & Cityside areas of Derry-Londonderry; Through the key partnership work undertaken with localized youth based providers and statutory agencies the Awards for All Program not only positively impacted on the lives of participants but provided a wider public benefit.

Lloyd's TSB - Lloyd's Bank

Support through the Lloyd's Foundation was the key factor in our ability to secure a short term lease and associated overhead costs for the provision of a suitable venue for the extended delivery of our ongoing projects and programs. This proved to be additionally beneficial to our community and statutory partners, many of whom had no dedicated facilities available, or those which were oversubscribed or unsuitable for the delivery of youth based activities. The facility initially secured through the support of Lloyd's TSB, was thereafter able to be retained and to be developed as a dedicated Youth Drop In & Diner Centre .

PwCF - Assets Recovery Agency

A key provider and enabler for the development of "Independence" - our dedicated Youth Drop In & Diner facility in the heart of the Waterside area of Derry-Londonderry. This initiative was youth led, and undertaken through consultation with young people, community based youth providers and local policing teams. All purported the need and viability for a dedicated "youth space" for young people/young adults who were unwilling or unable to utilize other such provision or facilities. Creating Space sought and secured the necessary sponsorship through the PwCF to create this space. This led to the design, development and delivery of a 50's style American Drop In & Diner facility ,which was for and "run" by young people for their peers; and through which they could additionally utilize to gain practical skills and training in the field of catering and hospitality with the support of our adult volunteers. This unique venue also afforded us, as an Organization, the opportunity to extend upon our developing program complement and volunteering opportunities for young people. PwCF funding also enabled the continued and enhanced delivery of the Choices, PACT and Community Relations initiatives with young people across the wider Waterside area of Derry-Londonderry, Co. Donegal and Belfast. Unfortunately resourcing through the PwCF was limited and time bound: and whilst we were able to continue to retain and run the the Facility and associated programs beyond the project life through fundraising and our own reserves; ultimately lack of financial support and extensive demands as to the time commitment it necessitated from our volunteers meant passing the "mantle" of this unique venture on to another organization; one with the human and financial resources to ensure its continuance and future development. The Independence Drop In & Diner remains however one of our most fun filled, developmental and rewarding youth partnership accomplishments to date. Check out the Independence links on our website and you will see why.

Ulster Scots Agency

Our work with and on behalf of the Ulster Scots Agency has developed progressively over the last 4 year period through the delivery of activities for young people as part of their annual Summer Scheme initiatives, such being delivered with 5 local and 2 cross border community partners to date. Work undertaken the Ulster Scots Agency was the inspiration behind the development our unique and increasingly popular Highland Youth Games activities. Additional partnership work this Agency is also undertaken through the Solus Centre in Bready within our Culture and Identity and Interactive Education Initiatives: aimed to promote a better understanding of diverse history and traditions within the NI context; build better relations; and reduce continuing and/or residual sectarian attitudes among young people today.

Youth Justice Agency

A great deal of our work and project and program development is in respect of young people/young adults who have been referred through the police Youth Diversionary Team and/or who have therefore become "embroiled" within the many facets of the Youth Justice System. Our team of volunteers have a wealth of experience in this field, undertaking dedicated and confidential partnership working with a variety of associated statutory bodies, schools and community partners to afford such young people the opportunity to turn the negative into "positives" through training, mentoring and personal development and achievement.

Derry City Council

Our Organization through its Directors and core volunteer team have a long and dedicated history of working in partnership with Derry City Council. This is inclusive of facilitation of the Prejudice face On School's Initiative, Youth Cafe Culture Events and Good Relations Programs. A unique aspect of our work with DCC is that , which involves our organizing and directly facilitating engagement between young people with Mayors of the City, elected DCC Councillors and Councils Officers to: enable young people to better understand decision making and political processes at a local level; to ask questions and raise concerns; to be recognized as an integral grouping within the City and wider society, and one whose "voice" and opinions should be recognized and whose potential contribution be neither ignored nor underestimated in the democratic or decision making processes.

NI Assembly

Our work with the Youth Education Team at Stormont has being ongoing for nearly six years and is an integral part of our Youth Education and Empowerment services. From getting an understanding through the "How Government Works ... For You" program to Q&A Time with local and European MLA's, & MP's and specific presentations to the Education and Children & Young People's Committee. This initiative has and continues to present young people with an unique opportunity to gain knowledge and skills and get an "inside view" as to who is deciding what on their behalf, how it may affect their future and/or to change it.

(National) Open College Network

The Governing and Accrediting Body for many of our certified/qualification based courses. Three of our volunteers have also successfully undertaken training as recognized OCN Internal Verifying Agents.


A local and cross border partner and the prime training provider for our coaches and instructors in respect of all our water based activity provision. Inish Adventure has provided dedicated and professional services and training though CANI for our Organization in Star 2 & Star 3 Awards, Water Safety and Rescue and Levels 1 & 2 Instructor courses. Additional assessment, accreditation and service delivery in relation to Outdoor Adventure are also core elements of our partnership work with Inish Adventure.

P2P - Prison to Peace

It is often said there is no one who can explain anything better, or give a better insight into a subject, than someone who has "been there" and/or "done that"! Our partnership work with the Prison to Peace Project was firmly based on this adage. Made up of Ex-Prisoners of the NI Conflict ,from both traditions, and often having long term experience of life within the prison system and its continuing impact on their lives today; there could be few, more relevant nor knowledgeable, to promote to young people at the early stages of criminality or sectarianism the reality and negatives of where and what these behavioural patterns can lead to.

Foyle Search and Rescue

Often designated and recognized as the "Fourth Emergency Service" in the Derry-Londonderry area; our partnership work with FSR has a long and diverse association. An integral part of our Choices, Community Safety, Youth Intervention and Social Education initiatives; some young volunteers with our YO! Project have also moved forward as volunteers with Foyle Search & Rescue, one such now being the FSR Youth Education Officer and who indeed now often facilitates for us many of the workshops and visits he once was participated within.


The facilitator and partner for the delivery of many our political and historical youth initiatives throughout the last 5 year period. Our partnership delivery through Coiste has enabled young people to experience "living history" along the most prolific Interface areas and segregated communities in NI as part of our developing a Shared Future & Good Relations ethos for Young People.


Another key partner in the delivery of our Culture & Identity and Interactive Learning Programs. Our work with Culturlann enables young people to explore music, language and dance through the medium of Irish. It also provides for an opportunity to challenge negative historical images and associations often "passed onto" young people on a generational basis as regards Irish traditions and culture and affords them the opportunity to "see" and decide for the themselves what it is all about.

Ulster Bands Forum

Ongoing work with the Bands Forum through their Youth Outreach workshops has been successfully incorporated with our educational and interactive learning projects and Culture and Identity programs. As with, and commonly delivered in conjunction with the GAA workshops (detailed below) our partnership work with the Ulster Bands Forum is not only informative but designed to challenge young people's perceptions and prejudices or indeed negative affiliations and association.

Geailge Athletic Association

One of our longstanding and key delivery partners for information and educational workshops "challenging" perception and prejudice or indeed negative affiliation. This workshop is primarily delivered in combination with that of the Protestant Marching Bands to promote integrated learning.

Ex Prisoner Interpretative Centre

Another long standing community partner affording our Organization opportunities for positive intervention and political learning for young people. EPIC is a key provider within our Prison to Peace Project and local facilitator within our Youth Justice Initiatives through their Alternatives Program


A regional delivery partner through the Prison to Peace Project, Charter NI has also proven an invaluable source of information and support. Through interaction with their dedicated youth engagement and empowerment projects our Organization has been afforded the opportunity to witness the "cutting edge" of youth support, intervention and service provision. The CRISP and Respect Projects (the latter devised through Teach na Failte) have delivered essential and successful intervention with young offenders in the Greater Belfast area; elements of which we have now successfully adapted & incorporated within our Youth Intervention projects and programs.