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Creating Space & YO! Project

Youth development through education and outdoor adventure

find us on facebook under yo & creating space

or independence drop in & diner


Due to our extensive new programs, projects and initiatives and given that we are a wholly voluntary Organisation we have now handed over the management of this facility to Jim & Jump Lanes, team who continue to develop and provide services for young people in the Derry-Londonderry area. We remain however EXTREMELY proud of this unique facility which we developed with the help, advice and support of our young people and all the work and support they gave to it. Please read below to see why!

Our newest venture (or adventure)! A dedicated CREATED SPACE youth drop-in & public diner situated in the heart of the Waterside of Derry-Londonderry; complete with a 1950's American theme. As with all our endeavours this is a volunteer led project focusing and targeting young people both as our primary client base, and core staff and service providers. Please see our blog for more details and youth opportunities - and check out our photo gallery for the "creative process" which achieved this unique facility.

Drop In & Diner

Take a seat at Diner counter and start to enjoy the experience!

Floor Seating

40 tradiitional imported diner seats with plenty of space to eat and move around right in the centre of things. Removed they leave a great space for our youth music events, activities or party nights!

Traditional Diner Booths

Spacious & Comfortable! These have been specially designed and hand built to accommodate up to 6 adults each - without having to fight for space to eat.

The "Corner Booth"

A favourite for young and adults alike! No good Diner is complete without one. Its popular so if you want it get in early, or ask for it to be reserved.

American Pool Tables

Genuine SAM 9ft American Pool Tables. A fantastic addition for youth drop in and diners alike! Situated in their own "pool room" alcove so you can enjoy your game to the full.

Foose Ball

A great score with all our patrons! Independence Champions League coming soon.

The Milk Bar & Soda Fountain

Milkshakes made the traditional way, Super Shakes, Ice Cream Sodas & Floats and a great variety of Iced Sodas including American Root Beer! Or why not try out our unique Bubblefroots - only available at Independence. We also serve a great selection of Ice Cream Sundaes

Diner Menu

Traditional American food with a local "twist" We offer an extensive fast food menu with good food at great prices! Burgers, Fries, Hot Dogs, Nuggets etc as well as the "real frys" of course. Want a more authentic taste of America? Why not try our pancake stack with maple syrup and crispy rashers, the "cyclops" or the Indpendence Special - BB's BB Mega Inside Out Cheesburger!

The Jukebox

The real deal! 45's and vinyl give a unique and authentic sound and experience and seems irresistible to the adult patrons, whilst the young people opt to "plug in" their electronic gadgets to the sub woofer systems at night.